About Yogavanam

Yoga is a spiritual practice. As you tone, stretch, and relax your body, you will also go deeper into your inner self and become awakened to the rich energy of insight and tranquility that flows from you. Asanas yoke you to your inner self to help you get closer to the goal of "Yogah: chitta vritti nirodhah"-- cessation of agitation of thought.

At Yogavanam

You can choose to sign up for private lessons or group classes. I offer classes in:

vinyasa or flow, which blends Iyengar's and Desikachar's styles;

chair yoga (for those with injuries or surgery);



yoga-inspired writing, especially poetry;

discussions on Patanjali's Yogasutras.

Contact me now!

You can visit my blog: If you wish to write for it, you can contact me.

To read my book of yoga poems--Trace--please purchase it at


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